IABAC Global Certifications

IABAC® is the world’s largest professional association, certifying professionals through credentialing framework based on EDISON, EU funded initiative to develop Data Science body of Knowledge.

The credentialing framework has assessment based certification scheme in domains of Business Analytics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The scheme provides various certifications from beginners to experienced professionals and structured as knowledge area verticals.

IABAC certification is recognized worldwide and is highly sought after by potential employers. These can help professionals of various experience levels to quickly develop skills and capabilities to align themselves to global best practices.


Interested in IABAC® Partnership?


What is the IABAC Corporate Partnership ?

IABAC is a Certification provider in Data Science and Business Analytics courses. It doesn't provide any training by itself but facilitates the availability of various certification courses in Data Science and Business Analytics to corporate bodies.

Why should one opt for IABAC corporate partnership ?

IABAC is a certification body that provides corporate certifications that are recognized on a global platform. It functions based on the principles of the Edison Data Science Framework- A project initiated by the European Commission. Hence the certification provided by IABAC to corporates helps to add value for the professionals.

What is the process for becoming a partner ?

The process of becoming a partner with IABAC consist of the following steps:-

  • i). Application Process
  • ii). Review of application
  • iii). Clarification
  • iv). Decision Making
Does IABAC provide the course materials ?

Yes, IABAC provides course content to corporates, once the partnership is confirmed. In the form of books and other materials for training.

Does the IABAC Certifications help to make any value additions to corporates ?

IABAC is an internationally recognized certification body, the course contents are designed in tune with the industry demands. Opting for an IABAC certification helps any professional to get well acquainted with the practical applications of Business Analytics and Data Science to industry cases.