Recertification Policy

Recertification is an important part of the Professional Credentialing spectrum. Recertification helps to ensures integrity of standards, is an exhibit of a Professional's regard for certification best-practices and serves as proof of ongoing Professional competence. In essence, IABAC Recertification is simply a form of Professional Certification maintenance that comes with the great benefit of ongoing personal accomplishment, while demonstrating to employers and peers proof of a maintained knowledge and skill based proficiency as an active Data Science Practitioner.

The International Association of Data Science Certification perpetually and indefinitely recognizes all IABAC Certified Professionals. As of March 1st 2017 IABAC will introduce a Certification Classification System that will further classify future Certifications by a Status in our support of and alignment to Professional Credentialing Best Practices. A Current status will be granted to IABAC Certifications for a period of three years from the time the Professional has received the Certification. After that time, an Elapsed status will then be applied to the Certification unless the Professional has successfully Recertified.

IABAC Certification Exams are minimum competency, knowledge-based, professional credentialing exams. Professionals who demonstrate their knowledge of the subject matters as measured through the IABAC Certification Exams that are based on the IABAC Body of Knowledge receive Data Science Certification. Staying true to this well establish Professional Credentialing standard, IABAC Certified Professionals interested in maintaining a Certification status of Current will be required to conducting a limited re-examination in order to demonstrate continued competence.