Trainer Accreditation Program (TAP)

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The IABAC Trainer Accreditation Program (TAP) initiative provides worldwide recognition for skilled trainers and mentors by certifying them through an evaluation-based program.


Get Certified as a Trainer through IABAC TAP

Why choose IABAC TAP?

  • IABAC stands as the premier global certification authority in analytics and data science, built on the framework established by the EU Commission.
  • The TAP certification program evaluates and verifies your skills, boosting your professional credibility.
  • TAP provides a range of programs to improve trainers' skills, ensuring they meet the latest industry standards


Is TAP certification region-specific?

No, all TAP certifications are valid globally.

Is TAP certification available in languages other than English?

Yes, you can get TAP Certification in English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, and Hindi. More languages will be added soon.

Can I take the TAP Certification assessment offline?

No, TAP certifications are only available online and are supervised directly by IABAC.

How do I renew my TAP certification?

You need to renew your TAP certification every year.

What do I need to do to renew my TAP certification?

Just fill out a renewal form and include details of your training activities.