Smart Flying and XAI applications

Imagine a future where airplanes fly smarter, thanks to the power of XAI (Explainable Artificial Intelligence), with algorithms that analyze sensor data, weather forecasts, and flight paths. XAI clarifies choices in human-friendly terms for pilots and passengers. Smart navigation cuts costs and boosts safety, while human-AI synergy helps reshape the future of aviation.

Key Takeaways: Understand the impact of AI on aviation, and get a glimpse into the future of air travel.

Date: - 24th August 2023
Place: Live Virtual session

How can certifications help in your career?

Are certifications the rapid route up the corporate ladder? The fact that you can quickly get a big list of the best certifications and certification courses by simply searching for the word "certifications" online attests to the fact that they are. Nevertheless, climbing the credentials ladder is no small feat. Do certifications actually merit the time and effort?

This IABAC webinar is all about how certifications help demonstrate your high points, promote your career, and pave the way for improved employment opportunities.

Key Takeaways: Discover how certifications can boost your resume and gain insights into some of the industry certifications that are the best to seek.

Date: - 11 January 2023
Place: Live Virtual session

Impact of Recession on Data Science Industry in 2023

Will recessions impede the demand for data science from increasing? Will job losses in this field be likely if corporate goals and priorities change? Is it possible for any sector or company to truly escape the recession's grip? Is data science, in all its radiance, a recession-proof profession to pursue?

Given that data science is largely known for being a recession-proof vocation, this IABAC event will explore the impact that a downturn will have on the ever-popular data science field.

Key Takeaways: Gain a better understanding of the data science industry, where it stands now, and how it is likely to handle a recession.

Date: - 30 December 2022
Place: Live Virtual session

Explainable AI: Unboxing the black box model for AI adoption.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are rapidly gaining traction in a wide range of industries. Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) is a young concept of machine learning approaches designed to understand how AI systems achieve black-box judgments. Breakthroughs, notably machine learning skills, have made it difficult for human intellect to examine or grasp how black box models reach their findings.

This IABAC event will cover every facet of the black box paradigm, including how it works and how it can help with AI adoption.

Key Takeaways: Obtain a better understanding of the Black Box Model in the AI domain.

Date: - 14 May 2022
Place: Live Virtual session

Power Of AI To Help Us Move Towards Precision Medicine

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to produce some of the century's most massive breakthroughs. The coming together of artificial intelligence (AI) with precision medicine has the power to completely transform health care. Precision medicine approaches uncover patient phenotypes with less common treatment responses or special healthcare demands.

The event by IABAC will discuss on the Power of AI to Help Us Move Towards Precision Medicine, which will enable healthcare to tailored, data-driven therapy, resulting in more efficient spending and greater patient outcomes.

Key Takeaways:- Gain a comprehensive understanding of this interesting and promising development in the healthcare business.

Date: - 12th February 2022
Place: Live Virtual session

Women in AI - Diversity is critical to deal with bias

Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly transformed every walk of our life. AI can be applied to almost all sectors to initiate new possibilities and to strengthen efficiency. As it is known that humans are credited for building algorithms, social biases are likely to be significant. One favourable way of ensuring that historical gender bias does not get intensified and projected into the future is to raise the diversity of thought through the number of women in technology firms.

The event held by IABAC will deal with the subject of women in AI as in the representation of women in companies that would augment and elevate the company.

Key Takeaways:- Encourage the representation of women in AI companies as diversity in the workplace would only be beneficial to create an efficient and qualitative working environment.

Date: - 14th September 2021
Place: Live Virtual session

AI in Practice- Leaders Talk 2021

AI has evolved in such a way that it is being put into different applications across domains. It has become ubiquitous in almost every industry as far as functionality is concerned. How AI is being practiced all over the world is an impressive story.

AI in Practice- Leaders Talk Summit concerns with the best practices and procedures of adapting AI into an industrial working environment. The summit has expert speakers delivering talks on the ways of practically deploying AI.

Key Takeaways: - Know from experts about the scope of applying AI to industrial and business operations, and the possible change it will bring about.

Date: 17th September 2021
Place: Live Virtual session

AI and RPA Transforming Business

Businesses are nowadays becoming AI-driven, and have therefore become more successful in surviving a fast-paced environment. With large amounts of business data being generated AI has helped immensely in the way, they are being utilised. AI has helped in transforming sectors such as Banking and Finance, Marketing, Retail, and Telecommunications, etc.

AI and RPA Transforming Business Summit cover the topics of discussion that revolves around the role of AI in bringing transformation into the various areas of business.

The summit comprises of talks by experienced professionals on the relevance of AI in a present-day business scenario.

Key Takeaways: - Learn about future possibilities in store for businesses, by incorporating AI. The challenges and opportunities of future business scenario.

Date:15th December 2021
Place: Live Virtual Session

Artificial Intelligence in Health and Life Sciences

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the healthcare industry for the better. The industry is deeply influenced by the modern discoveries that AI has brought forward. From the early detection of cancerous cells to proactive management of the patient’s necessities, AI has been instrumental in bringing change in specific areas of the medical field.

The event conducted by IABAC will cover subjects that talk about the extent of possibilities AI will help to create in the field of healthcare, and how it will benefit humanity at large.

Key Takeaways: Acquire knowledge on the deployment of AI-driven technologies in the area of healthcare and life sciences. Get to know about how AI is ushering in change

Date: 29th May 2021
Place: Live Virtual

Data Science World Summit 2021

The Data Science World Summit 2021, facilitates in setting a platform for initiating valuable discussions pertaining to the current trends, data science has in store. For the realization of the objective wherein an effort is being made to bring out the potentialities concealed in the data science domain to the fullest, the data science summit is an acknowledgment of the need.

The Data Science Summit talks about the current state of data science and the upcoming opportunities it has in store for the new world.

Key Takeaways : - Get more scope and possibilities of Data Science experts who have experienced in the domain.

Date: 15th June 2021
Place: Live Virtual session

Democratizing AI skills

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most happening fields in the current times. It is being identified as a key skill by corporates and is therefore witnessing huge takers. Not only companies, but Governments across the world are also actively participating in framing AI strategies that will help to bring change.

The IABAC event on Democratising AI Skills will cover the important aspects of Artificial Intelligence in the practical world. It will throw light on the question of the importance of getting upskilled in AI and the extent to which it can help in growth.

Key Takeaways : - You can gain valuable insights on the field of Artificial Intelligence and its application in a real-world scenario.
It also highlights the importance of developing skills in AI and the same being instrumental towards ushering overall career growth.

Date: 23 June 2021
Place: Live Virtual

Computer Vision Assisted System for the Visually Impaired using Mobile Edge AI

Artificial Intelligence and Computer vision has influenced human lives to a great extent. Despite significant recent developments, visual assistance systems are still severely constrained by sensor capabilities, form factor, battery power consumption, computational resources, and the use of traditional computer vision algorithms. Current visual assistance systems cannot adequately perform complex computer vision tasks that entail deep learning.

The IABAC event on Computer Vision assisted system for the visually impaired using Mobile Edge Artificial Intelligence will cover the practical aspects. It will help you to understand more about the possibilities.

Key Takeaways: - You can gain valuable insights on the field of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision Expert and its application in a real-world scenario. It also highlights the importance of developing skills in AI and the same being instrumental towards ushering overall career growth.

Date: 10th July 2021
Place: Live Virtual session

AI- A Tool to Eliminate Blindness

Artificial Intelligence has become an inevitable part of our daily life and is used in a wide area of day-to-day services. AI has transfigured various industries all around the world. AI can completely change the field of healthcare. According to WHO at least 2.2 billion people in the world have a near or distance vision impairment. Implementation of AI is raising a higher probability of eradicating avoidable blindness. Many causes of vision loss can be prevented.

The event held by IABAC will approach AI as a tool to eradicate blindness by going into detail about how AI would benefit the visually impaired community.

Key Takeaways:- Understand and acquire valuable insights on the wide-ranging possibilities and power of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Healthcare specifically to eliminate blindness.

Date: - 18th August 2021
Place: Live Virtual session