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Director, Technology Advocacy, Ai4Good, Intel Santa Clara, California, USA

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About the Speaker

Hema Chamraj is the Director of Technology Advocacy at Intel Corporation. She has been striving towards the adoption of contemporary technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, to usher a change in elevating the quality of healthcare services.

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May 29th, 2021 1:30 AM (EDT)

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Healthcare?

Artificial Intelligence has been a change-maker in the field of Health and Life Sciences. It is helping in the areas of diagnosis of diseases and subsequent decision making.

According to McKinsey Reports, there would be around 40 million jobs created in the field of healthcare by 2030. However, there is expected to be a shortfall of 9.9 million for individuals with relevant skills. Therefore there is a need to churn out skilled professionals in this domain who can help to meet the rising demand.

Some of the areas in healthcare where AI is manifesting its potential includes:-

 Helping early diagnosis of diseases like cancer.

Accelerating R&D processes in the discovery of new drugs.

 Reduction in the overall cost for Healthcare Services.

 Improvement in the quality of Healthcare services.

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