Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is IABAC?

IABAC stands for the International Association of Business Analytics Certification. IABAC is a globally recognized body with the founding principles of EDISON®, a European commission program. The IABAC credentialing framework is based on the EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF) and provides various levels of certifications from beginners to accomplished professionals. As of 2019, IABAC stands as the world’s largest Data Science professional association with the issuance of 20,000+ assessment-based certifications.

What is EDISON - European Commission Program?

EDISON stands for Education for Data-Intensive Science to Open New science frontiers. EDISON is a European Union-funded program for developing a Data Science body of knowledge and tools to boost data science education and encourage the emergence of data science professionals. The goal is to speed-up the increase in the number of competent and qualified data science professionals across the world. EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF) gathers training materials and information to assist educators, trainers, employers, and research infrastructure managers in identifying, recruiting and inspiring the data science professionals of the future

Why IABAC Certification?

IABAC is an independent body with the foundation principles from the EDISON - European Commission Program. IABAC emerged as the world’s first and largest professional association providing global assessment-based certifications based on the standard credentialing framework. IABAC certification provides a globally valid authenticity for professional knowledge and skills in respective domains of Business Analytics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Does IABAC provide courses on Data Science?

While IABAC does not directly deliver the course, it sets the standards and curriculum for training providers. IABAC has a global network of training providers, called Authorized Training Provider (ATP). To find a ATP in your region click here.

Can I obtain certification without work experience?

Yes. IABAC certifications don’t have work experience as a mandatory prerequisite.

How do I apply for the certification?

There are two channels. 1. You can directly apply for official website and follow the registration process. 2. You can book exams through the IABAC global network of Education Partners. For more information check

How long does it take to become certified?

The results would be shown immediately after a candidate finishes and submit the test online. Successful candidates would receive a printed certificate that would be mailed to the respective email address. For more information, visit

What IDs are accepted?

All government-issued identification photo identification proofs are accepted. The valid proofs include. 1. Drivers License 2. Citizenship Card 3. Passport 4. Employee ID (if employed in Govt organizations)

What is IABAC Digital Badge?

IABAC Digital Badge is an indicator of successful accomplishment of IABAC certifications that can be verified online and displayed or shared on professional networking sites such as

Do I have to pay extra for my badge?

No. IABAC Digital Badge is a part of the certification fee and you don't need to pay extra.

What is the process to change my name on the certificate?

You need to send an email to with the request along with supporting documents.


Does IABAC certification require renewal?

Yes. IABAC certification needs to be renewed every year. The renewal is free of charge but requires the collection of 30 CPDs ( Continuing Professional Developments) credits on a yearly basis. For more information on Certificate Renewal. check here

How to renew IABAC certification?

The renewal is a simple process of submitting renewal requests by filling details along with 30 CPD information.

What is the Data Science Certification Scheme?

IABAC Certification scheme provides levels of certifications, thereby enabling professionals to select the right certification based on their experience and expertise in the subject matter. The certification scheme is based on IABAC credentialing framework.

What is IABAC Data Science Certification?

IABAC Data Science certification is a globally recognized certification, a testimony of proven professional knowledge and skills in the field of Data Science. This certification exhibits the candidate’s state-of-art knowledge and skills in the field of data science, thereby enhancing career prospects.

Does an IABAC certification once acquired, stay active for life?

No. The field of Business Analytics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is rapidly evolving with new technological breakthroughs and business best practices. An outdated certificate shows that your knowledge is no longer up to date and employers may find you less eligible for their requirements. Candidates can renew the IABAC certification through the CPD process at no extra cost.

Which IABAC certificate should I choose?

The choice of the IABAC certificate is based on many factors, including your expertise in the subject matter, your professional experience, job role, and your ambition. IABAC certification scheme can provide you with information to make the right choice. If you are still not clear, you may get in touch with IABAC Partners for more information. REP details can be found here

I have a university degree in Analytics. Should I still pursue IABAC Certification?

A university degree is an academic qualification, which usually focuses on heavy concepts. IABAC is an assessment-based global certification, which stands as a testimony as state-of-art industry-aligned skills in business analytics. IABAC certification complements the university degree and enhances the profile for better career prospects. So yes, you can pursue IABAC certification even if you have a university degree in Analytics.

Can I validate the certificate?

IABAC certificates can be verified at Successful candidate's registry is updated 15 days after awarding the certificate. Alternatively, If you want to verify your certificate, send an email to from the registered email address. If you are an employer or other party, who wants to verify candidate IABAC credentials, then you need to attach the Identify proof of the company along with the purpose of verification clearly stated in the requested email.

How do I maintain my IABAC certification?

Renewal of IABAC certification is a must process to maintain your certifications in the long run. The renewal process has to be performed on or before the expiry deadline of the certification. Visit for more information.

My certification validity has expired, what should I do?

The IABAC certifications generally maintain a certain time period for renewal and also have provisions for reactivation and revival. For more information, Visit

What if I fail to renew my credential?

The IABAC certificate participant has to upgrade or renew his/her certification within the stipulated time period allotted for renewal. For more details and information, you can Visit


How to reschedule my examination?

The reschedule request with the reason and related documents should be sent to the email address at least 72 hours in advance of scheduled exam time.

What is the process to cancel my exam?

The cancellation request with the reason and related documents should be sent to the email address at least 72 hours in advance of scheduled exam time.

Can I pay the exam fee in installments?

No. The full exam fee has to be paid at the time of booking.

What are the modes of fee-payments available?

IABAC accepts all online payment modes. If you find any difficulties in payments, please contact

Do I have to pay a fee again if I cancel an exam I scheduled?

The participants canceling or failing in their first attempt and willing to retake the examination need to pay a reduced exam fee. For more information, please contact

When will I get an invoice for my certification fee?

The invoice is generated immediately after the payment is received from the candidate.

When can I expect to get my result?

The results shall be shared in 7 working days after the exam.

Are we allowed to take breaks between the exams?

There is no allowance of any break during the examination.

Can I take my IABAC certification exam using my own system?

Yes. The computer should have a good internet connection and a webcam with audio video-enabled.

Can I take the IABAC exam directly without a course?

Yes. The training through a registered education provider is highly recommended but not mandatory.


What are the benefits of the IABAC Partner Program?

IABAC Partner program provides opportunities for training providers, corporate and academic institutions to leverage the IABAC credentialing framework, assessment-based certification scheme, and global recognition. More detailed information visit

How to apply for partner programs?

You can check the eligibility through partners section in the iabac website

How can I apply for a certified IABAC Trainer?

IABAC trainer certification is a rigorous process of evaluating the candidate's knowledge, teaching experience, and other credentials. Trainers can only apply through registered partners. More detailed information visit