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Guide to Data Science

Data science is an exciting field with many opportunities for those seeking a fulfilling career. To meet the industry's need for skilled data science professionals, IABAC offers a comprehensive certification program. This program is based on the EDISON® European Commission initiative, which aims to create a strong Data Science Body of Knowledge and curriculum.

IABAC provides a variety of certifications for people at different stages of their data science careers. Whether you are just starting or are an experienced professional looking for more advanced roles, there is a certification that suits your needs. These certifications validate your ability to manage and deliver data science tasks following global best practices.

IABAC maintains high standards throughout the certification process. This includes verifying candidates' identities and ensuring they meet the prerequisites before exams. The exams are conducted either directly by IABAC or through authorized partners worldwide, ensuring the credibility and integrity of the process.

Earning an IABAC data science certification can greatly improve your career prospects. It suits both professionals aiming for career advancement and those from non-technical backgrounds interested in data science. The IABAC certification provides a clear path to success.

Investing in a data science certification not only validates your skills but also shows your commitment to professional growth and development. It demonstrates your ability to use data science methods and techniques to solve real-world problems, making you a valuable asset to organizations that rely on data-driven insights. Additionally, a career in data science can lead to attractive salaries, job security, and continuous learning and advancement opportunities.

Earning an IABAC data science certification can propel your career to new heights. It equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a data-driven world. By obtaining this certification, you showcase your expertise, commitment, and readiness to take on new challenges in the ever-evolving field of data science.


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Data Science Certifications

Data Science Foundation (DSF)

The IABAC Data Science Foundation certification is exclusively designed for those individuals who have a passion for data science and wish to make further explorations in the field.

Certified Data Science Developer (CDSD)

Data science, as a field, encompasses the art of extracting valuable insights from vast amounts of data.

Certified Machine Learning Expert (CMLE )

Machine learning is increasingly perceived as an indispensable component of operational frameworks within a spectrum of industries.

Certified Data Scientist (CDS)

The Certified Data Scientist (CDS) is widely considered as one of the premier certifications in the field of data science.

Certified Data Scientist - Operations (CDSOPS)

With this certification, you will compose a profound symphony of leveraging data science's harmonious power to streamline workflows, harmonize efficiency, and elevate overall operational performance.

Certified Data Scientist - Finance (CDSFIN )

The demand for skilled professionals who can harness the power of data to drive financial success is skyrocketing.

Certified Data Scientist - HR (CDSHR )

Data plays an increasingly crucial role in HR.

Certified Data Scientist - Marketing (CDSMKT )

Data science for marketing forms the bedrock of IABAC certification, allowing marketers to uncover hidden patterns and trends in large datasets.

Data Science Certified Manager (DSCM )

Data science management is the art of effectively harnessing the potential of data to propel organizations towards success.

Certified Data Engineer (CDE)

Securing a Data Engineer Certificate opens doors to myriad professional opportunities.

Certified MLOps Engineer (CMOE)

Introducing the MLOps Certification, a key credential propelling individuals toward success in the dynamic field of machine learning operations (MLOps).

The Benefits

International Credential

IABAC is a widely recognized credentialing framework based on European commission funded EDISON Data Science body of knowledge. This credential provides distinction as high potential certified Data Science Professionals enabling better career prospects.

Global Opportunities

IABAC certification provides global recognition of the relevant skills, thereby opening opportunities across the world.


IABAC Certification designed to cater to the job requirements of all experience levels and specializations, which suits roles aligned with the industry standards.

Relevant and updated

IABAC CPD (Continuing Professional Development) program enables credential holders to update their skills and stay relevant to the industry requirements.

Higher Salaries

On an average, a certified professional earns 30-40% more than their non-certified as per recent study by Forbes.

Summits & Webinars

In addition, IABAC members will have exclusive access to seminars and Data Science summits organised by IABAC partners across the globe.

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What is Data Science?

Data science is an exciting field that combines statistics, programming, and domain expertise to extract vaData Science luable insights from data. It involves analyzing vast amounts of information, identifying patterns, and making data-driven decisions. By utilizing advanced techniques, data scientists uncover hidden trends, solve complex problems, and drive innovation across industries. Whether it's predicting customer behavior or optimizing business strategies, data science empowers organizations to harness the power of data for better outcomes. Explore the fascinating world of data science and unlock endless possibilities for growth and success.



What is the Scope of Data Science?

Scope of Data ScienceThe scope of data science is immense and promising. As the world becomes more data-driven, organizations across industries are realizing the power of data to drive decision-making and gain a competitive advantage. Data science offers a wide range of opportunities for professionals, including roles such as data scientists, data analysts, machine learning engineers, and data engineers. With the increasing availability of data and advancements in technology, data science will continue to play a crucial role in fields like healthcare, finance, marketing, technology, and more. The scope for growth, innovation, and career advancement in data science is expected to remain strong in the coming years.

What are the Tools used in Data Science?

Tools used in Data ScienceIn data science, various tools are used to analyze and interpret data effectively. Some popular tools include Python (with libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and SciPy), R programming language, SQL for database querying, Tableau for data visualization, Hadoop and Spark for big data processing, and TensorFlow or PyTorch for machine learning and deep learning. Each tool has its strengths and specific use cases, allowing data scientists to manipulate, explore, and derive insights from complex data sets.

What are the Skills required for Data Science?

 Skills required for Data ScienceData science requires a combination of technical and soft skills. Technical skills include proficiency in programming languages (Python, R, SQL), statistical analysis, data visualization, machine learning algorithms, and data manipulation. Soft skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and domain knowledge are also crucial. Additionally, staying updated with the latest industry trends and having a curious and analytical mindset are important for success in data science.

How can I get Certification in Data Science?

To get certified in data sciencCertification in Data Sciencee, several options are available. Many renowned organizations offer certifications, such as IBM Data Science Professional Certificate, Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate, and Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. Online learning platforms like Coursera, edX, and Udacity also provide comprehensive data science courses with certificates upon completion. Choose a certification program aligned with your interests and career goals to enhance your knowledge and credibility in the field.


What can I do with a data science certificate?

If you want to become a data analyst, data engineer, Certified Analytics Professional, or even a data science manager, getting a data science certification can help you stand out.

Is an online data science certificate worth it?

Well, simply having a certificate won't guarantee you a job in data science. But having one can help you gain practical experience and put together a professional portfolio, which are both important for landing a data science job. So, while it's not a surefire way to get hired, it can boost your chances.

What qualification is required for data science?

A certification course in data science typically requires a background in mathematics, statistics, and programming, with proficiency in tools like Python and SQL.

How long does it take to complete a Data Science Certification?

It depends on how the program is set up, what you already know, and how much time you can spend studying. Both programs give you the basic knowledge you need for jobs like data scientist, data analyst, or business analyst. Some certifications might only take a few weeks or months, while others could take a year or more.

Is data science more math or CS?

Mathematical knowledge is highly important for a career in data science, as it forms the foundation for many data science techniques and models. However, computer science skills are also essential for working with data and developing algorithms. Both math and computer science play crucial roles in data science.

Can an Indian data scientist work in the USA?

Yes, certifications like the International Association of Business Analysis (IABAC) can enhance a data scientist's qualifications and increase their chances of securing employment opportunities abroad, including in the USA. Such certifications demonstrate expertise and proficiency in the field, which can attract potential employers.

Is the UK good for Data Science?

Yes, the UK is recognized for its strong data science ecosystem with leading universities, innovative companies, and abundant job opportunities, making it a favourable destination for professionals in the field.

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