Certified Healthcare Analytics Professional Certification (CHCAP - DA4060)

  • Become a Certified Healthcare Analytics Professional and unlock a world of opportunities in the fast-growing field of healthcare data analytics.
  • Gain expertise in healthcare analytics solutions, tools, and trends to make informed decisions and drive positive change in patient care.
  • Stand out from the competition, enhance your credibility, and advance your career with our industry-recognized certification program.

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The importance of data analytics cannot be overstated. The Certified Healthcare Analytics Professional (CHAP) certification plays a vital role in empowering individuals to excel in this ever-evolving field.

Healthcare analytics is crucial for making informed decisions and improving patient care. With the CHAP certification, professionals not only gain the necessary skills but also establish themselves as proficient analysts in the healthcare industry.

The CHAP certification focuses on mastering the art of analyzing healthcare data. It goes beyond theory and emphasizes practical applications that enable professionals to extract valuable insights. The goal is not just to analyze data, but to make a real impact on patient care through these insights.

By earning the Certified Healthcare Analytics Professional (CHCAP) certification, you take your expertise to the next level and solidify your position as a trusted expert in healthcare data analytics. This certification is more than just a credential; it demonstrates your dedication to excellence and your ability to drive efficiency and improve patient outcomes through data-driven decision-making.

Employers actively seek professionals with  Certified Healthcare Analytics Professional certification, highlighting its significance in the job market. In a competitive industry, having this certification sets you apart and enhances your professional credibility. It signals to employers that you possess a valuable skill set.

Healthcare analytics certification is not just about getting certified; it's about becoming a skilled and impactful player in the field. As the demand for professionals in healthcare data analytics continues to grow, investing in the CHAP certification is a strategic move toward a successful and fulfilling career.


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Certified Healthcare Analytics Professional

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The Benefits

International Credential

IABAC is a widely recognized credentialing framework based on European commission funded EDISON Data Science body of knowledge. This credential provides distinction as high potential certified Data Science Professionals enabling better career prospects.

Global Opportunities

IABAC certification provides global recognition of the relevant skills, thereby opening opportunities across the world.


IABAC Certification designed to cater to the job requirements of all experience levels and specializations, which suits roles aligned with the industry standards.

Relevant and updated

IABAC CPD (Continuing Professional Development) program enables credential holders to update their skills and stay relevant to the industry requirements.

Higher Salaries

On an average, a certified professional earns 30-40% more than their non-certified as per recent study by Forbes.

Summits & Webinars

In addition, IABAC members will have exclusive access to seminars and Data Science summits organised by IABAC partners across the globe.

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Does Certified Healthcare Analytics Professional Certification require renewal?

Certified Healthcare Analytics Professional Certification is an advanced level certification and thereby, as per IABAC guidelines, this certification requires renewal every 3 years.

How data analytics will help managers make decisions?

Data analytics empowers managers by providing insights derived from extensive data analysis, enabling informed decision-making. It allows them to identify patterns, trends, and correlations within datasets, enhancing their ability to assess risks, optimize processes, and align strategies with organizational goals.

How long does it take to get a Certified Healthcare Analytics Professional Certification after the exam completion?

The time taken for Certified Healthcare Analytics Professional Certification after the exam completion is usually 10 working days.

What is IABAC Certified Healthcare Analytics Professional Certification value in the global market?

IABAC is arguably the most respected certification and the world’s first Certified Healthcare Analytics Professional Certification board based on the European commission Edison framework.  The regions such as the USA, UK, Singapore, India and the Middle-east, IABAC is well recognised and many MNCs specifically mention IABAC requirements in their job descriptions.