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Sundeep Teki  

AI/ML Leader | Ex: Amazon Alexa, Swiggy, Oxford, UCL

Who can attend?

AI Career Aspirants and Enthusiasts

Working Professionals in IT & IT-Enabled Industries

Fresh Graduates

About the Speaker

Sundeep is a leader in Applied AI and Neuroscience with more than 16 years of diverse international experience in the USA, UK, France, and India across leading Big Tech firms like Amazon Alexa AI and Startups like Swiggy and Docsumo. He is a Wellcome Trust Fellow at Oxford and has a PhD from University College London.
He has also published more than 40 papers in top AI and Neuroscience conferences and journals like INTERSPEECH, COLING, and the Journal of Neuroscience with more than 2600 citations. His work has been recognized with several awards by international organizations like the Royal Society, The Wellcome Trust, and Oxford University.

Live Streamed Session

December 19th, 2023 5:00 AM (EDT)

This webinar will be a comprehensive roadmap for individuals to navigate the exciting and evolving field of artificial intelligence. By combining theoretical foundations, practical applications, industry insights, and career strategies, this session will guide aspiring engineers to succeed in the transformative world of AI. Come and explore the opportunities and potential that lie ahead in your journey to become an AI engineer.