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Impact of Recession on the Data Science Industry in 2023

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Hans Volker

IABAC Director

Who can attend?

Graduates and Freshers

Working Professionals in IT & IT-Enabled Industries

Data science & AI Career Aspirants and Enthusiasts

About the Speaker

Hans Volker's is an veteran Technologist, who managed large scale European commission innovation projects as a program manager with Logica B.V.

July 12th, 2023 5:30 AM (EDT)

Will recessions impede the demand for data science from increasing? Will job losses in this field be likely if corporate goals and priorities change? Is it possible for any sector or company to truly escape the recession's grip? Is data science, in all its radiance, a recession-proof profession to pursue?
Given that data science is largely known for being a recession-proof vocation, this IABAC event will explore the impact that a downturn will have on the ever-popular data science field.