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Utpal Chakraborty  

AI & Quantum Scientist, Gartner Ambassador, Top Generative AI Expert, CTO @IntellAI Neotech, AI Global Ambassador, Quantum Strategy, Ex-Head of AI @YES BANK, TEDx Speaker, Author-7 Books. Top 50 AI Influencer, Top 20 CDO.

Who can attend?

Business Leaders and Executives

AI Enthusiasts and Professionals

Technology and Innovation Teams

About the Speaker

Utpal is  a Data Scientist and the Chief Technology Officer at IntellAI NeoTech. He leads the research and development of cutting-edge AI and quantum solutions for various industries and domains. He has over two decades of experience as a data scientist, quantum scientist, researcher, strategist, and thought leader, working with leading organizations such as L&T, IBM and Capgemini. He has also recognized as a Gartner Ambassador and a Global AI Ambassador by the world-leading AI network, Swiss Cognitive.

He was a speaker at the recently held G20 India Summit, at the Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies.

Live Streamed Session

December 15th, 2023 5:00 AM (EDT)

This webinar explores the transformative potential of generative AI in the corporate world. By combining theoretical insights, practical applications, ethical considerations, and expert perspectives, this session will equip the participants with the knowledge and strategic vision needed to harness generative AI as a tool for innovation and growth within an organization. Join us in a transformative journey to discover how generative AI is reshaping the future of enterprises worldwide while serving as a gateway to unlock limitless possibilities.