Apponix Technologies Pvt Ltd

Apponix Technologies Private Limited is the most innovative Training and Recruitment Company that is strategically based in Bangalore to deliver classroom and online training across India, the United Kingdom, and the United States, setting a milestone in the industry. The institute has taught over 7000 students, has a 100% student satisfaction rating, and offers more than 20 certification courses. Apponix creates the foundation for a successful career by taking a holistic approach that focuses on satisfying the long-term needs of both the employers and employees. While the institute ensures that the candidates are a good fit for the job, Apponix Technologies also ensures that the sector has a steady supply of qualified personnel. They provide high-quality skill-based training in both IT and non-IT fields. Their aim is to provide something truly valuable to your career, for anyone with a professional background or for executives at any level.


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ATP ID : 100469
Status : Active
Address : 306, 10th Main, 46th Cross, 4th Block Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560010





What distinguishes APPONIX TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD's training programs?

 APPONIX TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD's training programs adhere to IABAC standards, ensuring high-quality education in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Are APPONIX TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD's certifications accepted internationally?

 Yes, certifications obtained through APPONIX TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD's partnership with IABAC hold international recognition, enhancing career opportunities globally.

How does APPONIX TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD support its students during the learning process?

APPONIX TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD provides comprehensive support to its students, including mentorship and resources to facilitate learning.

Can individuals access APPONIX TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD's courses remotely?

 Yes, individuals can access APPONIX TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD's courses remotely, providing flexibility for students with diverse schedules.

Does APPONIX TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD offer job placement assistance?

Yes, APPONIX TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD may offer job placement assistance or career guidance to its students, facilitating their transition into the workforce.