Bluemix Technologies

Bluemix Technologies is an EdTech company that gives corporations and academic institutions highly customized, human-driven, technology-based and learner-centric solutions. Bluemix Technologies provide a tailored solution that supports individuals as per their company's process and project management specifications, assuring improved performance. Through its many training programmes, workshops, internships, and projects, Bluemix intends to improve skill development and employability by closing the IT skills gap. The institute offers training, consulting, and services to help organizations implement data-driven technologies.

Bluemix is a technology company that specializes in AI, machine learning, analytics, cloud, and big data solutions to help professionals expand their business. Bluemix technologies have the industry knowledge and cross-sector expertise that can help people take proper actions and achieve fast, sustainable outcomes, regardless of their company's focus or life-cycle stage.


Gold Membership

ATP ID : 100457
Status : Active
Address : M.S Complex, Medavakkam Junction, Chennai - 600100





What distinguishes BLUEMIX TECHNOLOGIES' training programs?

 BLUEMIX TECHNOLOGIES' training programs adhere to IABAC standards, ensuring high-quality education in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Are BLUEMIX TECHNOLOGIES' certifications widely accepted by employers?

Yes, certifications obtained through BLUEMIX TECHNOLOGIES' partnership with IABAC are valued by employers globally, enhancing job opportunities.

How does BLUEMIX TECHNOLOGIES ensure the competence of its trainers?

 BLUEMIX TECHNOLOGIES ensures the competence of its trainers by accrediting them through stringent processes outlined by IABAC.

Can individuals access BLUEMIX TECHNOLOGIES' courses remotely?

 Yes, BLUEMIX TECHNOLOGIES may offer remote access to its courses, providing flexibility for students with diverse schedules or geographical locations.

Does BLUEMIX TECHNOLOGIES offer additional support beyond training?

 Yes, BLUEMIX TECHNOLOGIES may provide post-training support such as job placement assistance or career counseling to its students.