Data Science Partners

Data Science Partners is a data science, artificial intelligence, and business analytics training institute situated in the Netherlands. The institute offers customized solutions that assist people with even the smallest details, in accordance with their company's process and project management requirements, resulting in increased performance. The institute's most well-known certification courses include Data Science Foundation, Certified Data Science Developer, Certified Machine Learning Expert, Certified Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Foundation, Machine Learning Associate, Artificial Intelligence Expert, Deep Learning Expert, Business Analytics Foundation, Business Analytics Expert, Business Analytics for Managers, and Visual Analytics Expert. The institute's objective is to make data science more accessible to businesses and individuals who want to succeed in the field.


Gold Membership

ATP ID : 100463
Status : Active
Address : Fritz Dietrich Kahlenbergstraat 29, 1087MS Amsterdam





What distinguishes Data Science Partners' training programs?

Data Science Partners' training programs are aligned with IABAC standards, ensuring industry-relevant curriculum and certified trainers.

Can individuals from any background enroll in Data Science Partners' courses?

 Yes, Data Science Partners' courses cater to individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing comprehensive education in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Are Data Science Partners' certifications recognized by employers?

 Yes, certifications obtained through Data Science Partners' partnership with IABAC are valued by employers globally, increasing job prospects.

How does Data Science Partners ensure the relevance of its curriculum?

 Data Science Partners' curriculum is developed in alignment with IABAC standards and undergoes thorough evaluation to maintain relevance to industry needs.

Can companies partner with Data Science Partners for customized training solutions?

 Yes, Data Science Partners offers customized training solutions for companies seeking to enhance their employees' skills in Data Science and Business Analytics.