Datamate Consulting Pty Ltd

Datamate Consulting Pty Ltd is a company made up of teams of highly skilled and qualified IT professionals with extensive expertise. The institute offers world-class IT training and consultancy services with an emphasis on the advancement of knowledge in the IT sector, as well as flawless implementation of projects in order to meet the challenge of skill shortages in the IT field. This institute has worked with some of the most well-known names in the IT sector to ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date technological development and course materials. The training is sure to impart theoretical and practical knowledge to the candidates. Data Science Foundation, Certified Data Science Developer, Certified Machine Learning Expert, Certified Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Foundation, Machine Learning Associate, Artificial Intelligence Expert, Deep Learning Expert, Business Analytics Foundation, Business Analytics Expert, Business Analytics for Managers and Visual Analytics Expert are courses offered by them.


Gold Membership

ATP ID : 100458
Status : Active
Address : Atrium on 5th, 5th Street, Sandton, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa





What distinguishes DATAMATE CONSULTING PTY LTD's training programs?

 DATAMATE CONSULTING PTY LTD's training programs adhere to IABAC standards, ensuring high-quality education in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Are DATAMATE CONSULTING PTY LTD's certifications recognized by employers?

 Yes, certifications obtained through DATAMATE CONSULTING PTY LTD's partnership with IABAC are valued by employers globally, enhancing job prospects.

How does CONSULTING PTY LTD support its students during the learning process?

DATAMATE CONSULTING PTY LTD provides comprehensive support to its students, including mentorship and resources to facilitate learning.

Can individuals access DATAMATE CONSULTING PTY LTD's courses remotely?

Yes, individuals can access DATAMATE CONSULTING PTY LTD's courses remotely, providing flexibility for students with diverse schedules.

Does DATAMATE CONSULTING PTY LTD offer post-certification assistance?

Yes, DATAMATE CONSULTING PTY LTD may offer post-certification assistance such as job placement support or career counseling to its students.