DV Analytics Pvt. Ltd

Industry specialists manage DV Analytics, a prominent data science training and consulting organization. The institute has been around for 12 years, training over 2,500 students and boasting a 95% batch success rate. DV Analytics trainers are extensive subject experts who train candidates and bridge the gap between industry requirements and candidate capabilities in order to facilitate MNC resource and recruitment needs. Data Science Foundation, Certified Data Science Developer, Certified Machine Learning Expert, Certified Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Foundation, Machine Learning Associate, Artificial Intelligence Expert, Deep Learning Expert are the prominent training courses of DV Analytics.

Data visualization, programming languages, data mining, and master of data science MDS 1, MDS 2, and MDS 3 are the data science specialization courses offered by DV Analytics. This institute offers training in a variety of formats, including online, classroom, corporate, and crash courses. Through practical applications like project support and resume preparation, DV Analytics provides an in-depth expertise on the topic matter. Mock interviews, enhanced communication skills, and presenting skills will aid candidates in the long term.


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ATP ID : 100451
Status : Active
Website https://dvanalyticsmds.com/
Address : #52, 2nd Floor, Maruthi Nagar, Malleshpalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560075




What distinguishes DV ANALYTICS PVT. LTD's training programs?

DV ANALYTICS PVT. LTD's training programs are designed by IABAC standards, ensuring high-quality education in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Are DV ANALYTICS PVT. LTD certifications widely accepted by employers?

 Yes, certifications are obtained through DV ANALYTICS PVT. LTD's partnership with IABAC is valued by employers globally, enhancing job opportunities.

How does DV ANALYTICS PVT. LTD ensure the expertise of its trainers?

 DV ANALYTICS PVT. LTD ensures the expertise of its trainers by accrediting them through rigorous processes outlined by IABAC.

Can individuals access DV ANALYTICS PVT. LTD's courses remotely?

 Yes, DV ANALYTICS PVT. LTD may offer remote access to its courses, providing flexibility for students with diverse schedules or geographical locations.

Does DV ANALYTICS PVT. LTD offer additional support beyond training?

 Yes, DV ANALYTICS PVT. LTD may provide post-training support such as career counseling or job placement assistance to its students.