Edvicons Middle East FZE

Edvicons is a top futuristic technology and management academy in the world. Edvicons is the go-to resource for corporate learning & development professionals looking for knowledge on best practices, innovative techniques, and training products and services that will help them enhance their performance. Edvicons is the most reliable source for learning about the current industry. The institute has been providing training for over ten years, offering over 150 courses that are attended by students from over 80 nations.

The institute offers thorough training in cutting-edge technology themes such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and cyber security, to mention a few, as well as intensive workshops on business management topics. The institute claims to give career driven business and technology education to candidates, empowering them to be increasingly valuable and sharp-minded in this global competitive market, with expert training, practical experience, and career assistance along the way!


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ATP ID : 100472
Status : Active
Website https://edvicons.com/
Address : 133, Business Centre, SPC, Sharjah, UAE





What types of certifications does EDVICONS MIDDLE EAST FZE offer in collaboration with IABAC?

 EDVICONS MIDDLE EAST FZE offers certifications in Data Science and Business Analytics through its partnership with IABAC.

Are EDVICONS MIDDLE EAST FZE's certifications recognized globally?

Yes, certifications obtained through EDVICONS MIDDLE EAST FZE's partnership with IABAC are recognized internationally, enhancing career prospects.

How does EDVICONS MIDDLE EAST FZE ensure the quality of its training programs?

 EDVICONS MIDDLE EAST FZE aligns its curriculum with IABAC standards and employs accredited trainers to deliver high-quality training sessions.

Can individuals enroll in EDVICONS MIDDLE EAST FZE's courses remotely?

Yes, individuals can enroll in EDVICONS MIDDLE EAST FZE's courses remotely, providing flexibility for students located outside the Middle East.

Does EDVICONS MIDDLE EAST FZE offer placement assistance to its students?

Yes, EDVICONS MIDDLE EAST FZE may offer placement assistance or career guidance to its students, facilitating their transition into the workforce.