IT Training Nepal

IT Training Nepal, a professional computer institute in Nepal, retains its uniqueness in its brand and service as a professional computer institute providing industry level training in AI and Data Science and is located in the heart of Kathmandu city. The institute uses an effective teaching style to achieve worldwide standards in terms of IT education and application. IT Training Nepal provides trainees with a well-equipped lab and a conducive learning atmosphere, in which they may work, learn and grow. At IT Training Nepal, the trainers are on an endeavor to help students in developing their professional abilities to the highest level possible. The institute is committed to expanding the students' knowledge, comprehension of tools and procedures and putting it to practice. IT Training Nepal emphasizes project work, internships and job aid. Through interactive learning approaches, they empower students to solve real-time challenges successfully and efficiently.


Gold Membership

ATP ID : 100466
Status : Active
Address : Putalisadak, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal





What certifications does IT TRAINING NEPAL offer through its partnership with IABAC?

 IT TRAINING NEPAL offers certifications in Data Science and Business Analytics, aligning its programs with IABAC standards.

Are IT TRAINING NEPAL's certifications recognized internationally?

Yes, certifications obtained through IT TRAINING NEPAL's partnership with IABAC are recognized globally, enhancing career prospects.

How does IT TRAINING NEPAL ensure the quality of its training sessions?

 IT TRAINING NEPAL ensures the quality of its training sessions by employing accredited trainers and adhering to IABAC standards.

Can individuals from different educational backgrounds enroll in IT TRAINING NEPAL's courses?

Yes, IT TRAINING NEPAL's courses cater to individuals from diverse educational backgrounds, providing comprehensive education in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Does IT TRAINING NEPAL offer flexible learning options?

 Yes, IT TRAINING NEPAL may offer flexible learning options such as online courses or part-time schedules to accommodate various student needs.