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Technova is a Cochin-based software training and development company. Since its inception in 2010, Technova Training Institute in India has produced thousands of qualified individuals for businesses. Individuals and business clients can benefit from the AI/ML Company's in-depth learning and industry compliance training and certification. Over 5000 candidates have been trained by more than 120 experienced trainers at the institute. This institute has a team of expert trainers and developers to ensure that the candidates earn excellent, dependable AI training and certifications. Data Science Foundation, Certified Data Science Developer, Certified Machine Learning Expert, Certified Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Foundation, Machine Learning Associate, Artificial Intelligence Expert, Deep Learning Expert, Business Analytics Foundation, Business Analytics Expert, Business Analytics for Managers, and Visual Analytics Expert are among the most prominent certification courses offered by this institute. This institute offers internship opportunities for candidates too.


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What certifications does TECHNOVA TECH offer through its partnership with IABAC?

TECHNOVA TECH offers certifications in Data Science and Business Analytics, aligning its programs with IABAC standards.

Are the certifications provided by TECHNOVA TECH recognized internationally?

Yes, certifications obtained through TECHNOVA TECH in collaboration with IABAC hold international recognition, enhancing career prospects globally.

How does TECHNOVA TECH ensure the quality of its training programs?

TECHNOVA TECH maintains quality standards by aligning its curriculum with IABAC guidelines and employing accredited trainers.

Can individuals with varying educational backgrounds enrol in TECHNOVA TECH's courses?

Yes, TECHNOVA TECH's courses cater to individuals from diverse educational backgrounds, providing education suitable for beginners to experienced professionals.

Does TECHNOVA TECH offer flexible learning options?

Yes, TECHNOVA TECH may provide flexible learning options such as online courses or customizable schedules to accommodate different student needs.