Data Science World Summit 2020

The Data Science World Summit 2020, facilitates in setting a platform for initiating valuable discussions pertaining to the current trends, data science has in store. For the realization of the objective wherein an effort is being made to bring out the potentialities concealed in the data science domain to the fullest, the data science summit is an acknowledgment of the need.

Learn about the present state of conditions around Data Science, the practical constraints being followed, inspiring stories to achieve much more, and lot many insights from hands-on experiences. Industry leaders from the research are the keynote speakers to share their valuable intuitive episodes of learning.

Key Takeaways: Learn and equip with the knowledge of the possibilities in the data science profession. Exciting opportunities that are likely to manifest in the data science platform in the near future, as opined by exerts in the field.

Date: 15th of July, 2020
Place: Live Virtual session

AI and RPA: Transforming jobs

AI is the new generation wonder and equally wondrous is the fact that it has contributed significantly, in ushering a transformation in jobs. A change unprecedented. ‘The ‘AI and RPA- Transforming jobs’ summit is an opportunity for unearthing the possibilities that AI can put forward in the coming times.

The event majorly speaks about the transformation of jobs in the fields of AI and RPA. You will listen to industry-exemplars setting goals, talking about scope and life around AI and RPA. Gain the deal of knowledge, includes industrial practical approach towards AI and RPA.

Key Takeaways: Gain insights on the extensive applications of AI, and how AI is helping to unearth solutions to complex problems and helping to achieve functional efficiency in the long run.

Date: 22nd of September, 2020
Place: Live Virtual session

AI in Practice: Leaders Talk 2020

The dawn of Artificial intelligence has led to a huge transformation in various sectors, this is solely due to the feature inherited in AI that enables its deployment in a variety of functions. The scope of AI has been put into is further established by experts in the field, by being vocal on its applications.

A platform to share the best practices about adapting AI across various industries. Leaders in driving initiatives, adopting AI large scale industries are the keynote speakers in the event.

Key Takeaways: The seminar will be aimed at providing enlightenment on the various areas wherein AI can be of best use, and how corporates are using AI to its best of potentials in fulfilling their business objectives.Various experts in the field of AI, and Machine Learning will grace the event, to share their thoughts on this emerging technology.

Date: 17th of December, 2020
Place: Live Virtual session

AI and RPA Transforming Jobs

Artificial intelligence has been deployed in all the levels from small to big, in an organisation. For the sole reason that AI is a science that is new in the contemporary world. The long term effect, the incorporation of AI has into different domains are the key point of discussions.

A platform wherein the ideas and practices about adapting AI into job functions and the ways in which AIis being used in various domains like Healthcare, Banking & Finance, etc. Some of the Key speakers in the event were Jos Bel- RPA Evangelist, Tamara Morgan- Senior Executive at Capgemini, Ashok Kumar - AI evangelist and CEO at Rubixe.

Date:19 August 2018
Place: Bangalore