Registered Education Partner


Become a Registered Education Partner

Registered Education Partner (REP) program is at the core of IABAC™ mission of building a strong education partner network across the globe. IABAC™ REP enablement process will equip an REP to delivered quality data science and related courses training aligned with international syllabus.

REPs are licensed and certified to teach IABAC™ certification courses. To start your IABAC™ aligned Data Science learning and certificatin, find an Education Partner near you.

3 Simple steps to become an REP

  1. Check Eligibility
  2. Submit Application
  3. Due Diligence
Why should you become an REP?
Global Accreditation
As an REP your institute is authorised to register candidates for IABAC certifications which are globally accepted.
International Certification
As an REP your institute is authorised to register candidates for IABAC certifications which are globally accepted.
Industry aligned Courseware
IABAC provides updated course materials to its REPs from time to time. These materials are designed and approved by industry experts as per the global standards.
Accredited Trainers
IABAC provides accreditation to your trainers after following strict guidelines to ensure the REPs have the best in class trainers in the market.
How do you become an REP?
Check Eligibility
Check your institute’s eligibility to become an REP. Provide the basic information to check instant eligibility.
Submit Application
You can fill and submit the online form to apply for REP and IABAC’s REP Board will get in touch with you for further process.
Due diligence
Complete the due diligence process as guided by the IABAC’s REP board to receive the “Register Education Partner” license.

Can I become an REP as an individual?

Unfortunately no. Only a training institute can become an REP with IABAC.

What do you mean by REP?

Registered Education Partner (REP) is a training organization that holds the accreditation from IABAC.

What is the eligibility criteria to become an REP?

The eligibility criteria of an institute depends on many factors such as Area of operations, Years of operations, subjects dealing with, Domain knowledge etc. Click here to check yours.

Is there any fee?

Yes. One has to pay a certain amount of fees, depending on their location, to become an REP. Click here to check the REP fee for your location.

How can I apply for REP?

Fill the online application form at IABAC’s website and submit the form with the required information. IABAC’s REP board will get in touch with you. You can also Click here to apply.

Is there any validity of the REP license?

REP license is an annual license and can be renewed every year. However, you can also go for long term license and save a lot in the REP license fee. Click here to know more.